E-Mail to: thecoffeeboss@msn.com


  Ok, hands down a really great store to deal with remotely.  Reasonable repair prices and careful handling and shipping give them an A + from a client who shipped from Durham.  Saeco Synthia was my machine fixed after four years of great service it is working great again.

Harry, Raleigh


I have had the pleasure of being a Coffee Boss customer for 6 years. Heinz and Erika are always doing their best to ensure all my coffee needs are met. I have bought 3 machines from them for my family and friends. They all work perfectly and whenever they require servicing or cleaning the Coffee Boss is quick to help me for little or no cost. I honestly think if Heinz and Erika retire I'll give up drinking coffee! You folks are the best.      

Giovanni, Fort Mill


 Hello Heinz and Erika,
             I just wanted to say thank you again for getting our Saeco coffee machine back on our kitchen counter and working beautifully.  My wife and I made the 2 hour drive to your place expecting to drop off the machine for repair. Much to our very pleasant surprise, you told us you could take a look at it as soon as you finished your current repair.  Erika was kind enough to offer us a cappuccino which hit the spot after our drive.  We drove down the road to shop for a couple of hours and returned to the great news that you had fixed the problem, which was not  major one.  In addition, you were kind enough to talk with me about the inner workings of the machine and how it operates, which I was happy to learn.  We were back on the road and home well before dinner.  You are certainly on the top of our list for any future repair needs!  It was a  pleasure meeting you both.
Best regards, Larry and Caroly, Flat Rock, NC


Dear Erika and Heinz

 We have to tell you how happy we are to have our Saecco machine back. You repaired it in such a short time. Thank you very much. Looking forward to many years of additional use.  Sooner or later we hope to see your new shop at the Statesville Road, when we will be on the way from Florida to Virginia to visit our friends.

 We wish you many additional successful years "for the coffee" for you and your business. 

Matt and Irene from Florida




My DeLonghi Perfecta was in need of repairs and maintenance. Checked the DeLonghi website for a list of authorized repair centers and found The Coffeeboss. I packed up my machine, shipped it, and got it back better than new. They detailed my machine so nicely I couldn't believe it was mine! Repairs were done quickly and the price was very fair. Had a brief phone conversation with Erika to make sure they received my machine, and she couldn't have been nicer. Highly recommended!


Dear Heinz,

I wish to thank you for helping me with such a simple issue. 

Almost embarrassing yet you can imagine how I would not wish to pull more firmly at the door given I am not the engineer type.  Last thing I would like to have done is break a piece off the mechanism.  Don’t you just hate those uh-oh moments?

In a world now driven by the commercial, always and never-ending, it is not common that someone is willing to just help for the sake of being kind.  Your speaking with me was so much appreciated.

May 2016 bring you much happiness, health and joy.




I wanted to let you know that we made several different coffee combinations this morning, and all were great! The machine worked flawlessly, and we’re looking forward to many years of use. As usual, your service was excellent, detailed, and targeted to the specific question of the moment.

Many thanks and warm regards, Denese (and Brian)


Hello Heinz and Erika,

I just had to tell you how happy we are to have our DeLonghi machine back and working better than it ever did. It is so quiet and the coffee is terrific. Gone are my fears that we would have to replace that machine.

Thank you for fast and efficient service. If you ever get to our neighborhood, please stop in and enjoy some coffee with us!


Linda and Don


I sent my defective Delonghi Kmix espresso machine in for repair. Within a week my machine


was sent back and better working condition then when I purchased it!
       I can consistently pull amazing espresso shots with rich Crema layer as well as texture velvety microfoam with the steam wand.
       Heinz has transformed my home machine to near restaurant quality perfection!
        - Geordie



The words “thank you” are not enough to express my gratitude to Heinz for helping me through a Saeco coffee machine problem.  A few days ago I poured water into the bean container instead of the water container, causing the residual coffee granules in the machine to clump together and make it impossible for the grinder to churn.  Much to my dismay, I found that there is absolutely no one who can repair a Saeco machine in all of Georgia where we live.  Saeco customer service gave me the phone number of Coffee Boss in North Carolina so that I could ask for advise.  I never expected that someone would actually walk my husband through dismantling the bean container, explaining how to clean it, and then asking him to call back when ready to put it back together for explicit instructions how to do so and how to reset everything.  This was customer service beyond our wildest imagination!  THANK YOU so very much Heinz! 

 Meryl and Barry


After 1,5 hours rinsing fight (my wife told me to fill the tank continuously) I gave up yesterday.
Today I called Seaco customer support and after many “rinsing” tries they gave me your number.
And you gave me instructions from the top of your head - machine is “fixed” and I will not take a credit for it, but you can.
Thanks a lot! You made our day!
Cyril C.


Thank you for the quick service turn around time on my coffee machine. Got it last Friday and have been using it daily since. It works like new.
Thanks again
Hal D.

 Hello! I wanted to thank you for fixing our yellow Delonghi machine. I just made my first cup of coffee with it and it works better than it did when I first got it.
B. N.

  Dear Heinz and Erika,

 Just a quick note to say how wonderful my machine is behaving. After the repair, my Talea sounds like a dream and is back to making great coffee. What a difference from the Mr. Coffee drip maker that we had been suffering with until we could get to Cornelius and your healing hands. Thanks so much for a perfect repair!!

 Happy day, C. N.


Hello Heinz — I want to thank you for the excellent repair on my Delonghi espresso machine....and the phone call to explain it to me. That was very nice service which I appreciated. The machine was delivered back to me yesterday and I’ve enjoyed two very fine cappucinos already. I took your advice re grinding my coffee and it came out wonderful, with NO dripping.
I hope it never breaks again, but I would definitely send it to you for repair. I’m giving your name to all my coffee-loving friends.
Thanks again — J. O., Denver, CO


I just can’t praise Heinz and Erika enough for their concern and sincerity in delivering perfectly good care to their customers.  This is my story.  I had a rather expensive espresso machine that needed repair.  I sent it off to them and had the shipping company pack the item and mark it as fragile.  It was damaged extensively in shipment – to the point of being un-repairable.  I put in a claim for the item and Heinz sent photos of the damaged item and the box it came in (which was crushed).  I didn’t get satisfactory results from the shipping company as far as re-imbursement for the shipped item.  It was only when Erika contacted one of the shipping company’s representative’s, that I was able to receive payment for the damaged item. I just can’t thank them enough for their diligence and concern.  They are so honest – and their concern for their customers’ satisfaction is beyond exceptional.  If they repaired all types of machines  (such as mixers, vacuums, food processors, etc.)  I would send all of my products to them, if and when they needed repair.

 Thank you again Erika and Heinz! 

 I hope to meet you one of these days.

 My best  to you, Cheryl


Hello Heinz and Erika,
We received our coffee machine back yesterday. The box was a little roughed up so we opened it with the Fedex delivery guy with us. Fortunately everything was ok inside. We got it up and running and we're currently enjoying nice hot cups of coffee. Thank you very much for all your help. If I know of anyone that needs service on their coffee maker, I will more than happy to recommend you.
Regards, Greg


We have received our coffee maker back from you and have tried it for   the first time this morning. The coffee is great!
Thank you for all you do and the graciousness with which you do it.
John and Marilyn


Dear Coffee Boss ~

 Last night, sitting outside my front door, courtesy of UPS, was my Starbucks "Barrista" coffee machine. Just before Christmas I had mailed it to you, after speaking with you several months prior about the terms and conditions of repair.

 What a joy it was to enjoy a piping hot latte this morning after about a year of the machine being out of commission! At this time I cannot say enough about the courtesy extended to me on the phone, through email, and the pleasure that my machine is back and in working in fine condition. I could probably go on for another paragraph or two, but suffice to say I am very happy with the service, the terms were fair, and the process was painless.

 If I need further repair, I will certainly send the business your way...and if I ever consider a new coffee machine, I will certainly consider The Coffee Boss above others based on my positive experience.

 Thanks, Nels



I had to send my Gran Dama to The Coffee Boss in North Carolina due a leak. Luckily, it was still under warranty. I just wanted to tell you that from start to finish…my first contact with Delonghi regarding the situation to receiving my repaired machine yesterday…the service has been exemplary. I work for Williams-Sonoma, and I can tell you that I will tell customers of my experience with Delonghi and Heinz Boss in both recommending and selling your products. In this day and age, it’s rare to experience the level of service you’ve shown. All I can say is, “Wow!”…and “Thank you!”

Roberta K



 I have seen that you are the coffee maker repair god on the internet! I hope that you can help....



Hello Heinz,

 We spoke this afternoon regarding my espresso machine and a leak that was occurring, likely due to the magnetic valve not closing. I wanted to let you know that I did descale it, and it now is working properly. Thank you so much for talking to me about my machine. Please be assured that you will be my first call and I will be confident sending my machine to you in the future, in addition to recommending you to others. I truly appreciate your excellent customer service.

  Best, Melinda H.


To Erika and Heinz,

 Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful service. The DeLonghi is working better than ever.

I had forgotten how wonderful it makes the house smell while brewing. My mother-in-law is happy, my wife is happy, which makes men VERY happy! It is a comfort to know I have service I can depend on if I need it. Thanks so much again.

Your Customer Forever,

Roger S. Colorado



  Thank you for fixing my DeLonghi Magnifica coffee machine. It is working great!! I thought I was going to have to get a new one, but you did a fantastic job on it.



We received the water tank a couple of days ago (the day after you mailed it).

 Thanks for the speedy mailing!
The Saeco runs like a new machine and we are happy coffee drinkers.

 Worth the trip to have Heinz fix it.
Bob & Joyce


Mr. & Mrs. Boss

 When looking for someone to repair my coffee machine, they were absolutely right to suggest/recommend that you were the best and more reliable in the East Coast in repairing Delonghi coffee machines.

 Shall I need further services or any one that might need their machines fix, I will recommend without a doubt your services.Now that my wife and I start enjoying our morning cappuccinos, my espressos again, we would like very much to thank you for making our days much pleasant and brighter.

 Warmest regards,
Francisco "Maestro"


Dear Heinz and Erika,
My wife Linda and I are so glad that we have found you and Coffee Boss. We appreciate your expertise and your help in sending us parts for our Saeco Magic Deluxe machine. We love it and thank you for the time you spent on the phone helping us out.
All the best,
Robin W.


Thank you CoffeBoss for fixing my Magnifica. Got it back and I am sipping my 'puccino with a thick heady foam and grand crema... Ohh I have missed it... Baristas... you tell them dry and they still drown you with milk... finally my 'puccino how I like it... mhhh I might even be nice today. To most people that is... If you on my Niagara line... you are SOL... Miiss Silvieon4 is having a dish of foam. She missed it too... Awesome people, great service. Highly recommend them.

 Silvie G.


It's pretty rare to find a knowledgeable resource like yourself, especially one who is so generous with his help and his time. Are you sure I can't send you something? If I still lived in Wilmington, I'd drive out there just to shake your hand. Keep up the good work and

 I hope that your business thrives!

 Carl G.


To Heinz,
Thank you so much for your help on fixing the Delonghi coffee maker. You were so kind  to tell us step by step to figure out how to fix the problem over the phone.

 Cynthia K.


Dear Heinz,

 Just a note to say thanks for the repair. The machine works better than it ever did!

 Best, Steven L.


Dear Heinz,

 My husband even thanks you, because a happy wife makes a happy life. You were so helpful  over the phone. I had my espresso this morning and life is good. I have bookmarked you on my computer and if anything ever goes wrong with my Delonghi again, you will be the first person I call and the first person I recommend to others.

 Sandy H.


To Heinz,
Thank you so much for your help on fixing the Delonghi coffee maker. You were so kind to tell us step by step to figure out how to fix the problem over the phone.
It's nice to know that someone like you is working for Delonghi and the company I can trust.
You made my day so happy and relieved to know that my favorite coffee machine is working properly once again!
God bless, Cynthia



 I just wanted to let you know I received my new DeLonghi BCO120T on Friday. I really appreciate your help with this matter! I am so happy to have a good coffee maker back in my life!

 Thanks!! Amber

I meet Heinz and Erika a little over 4 years ago. I had just returned from my first trip to Germany and was introduced to the world of automatic coffee makers.
Purchasing my coffee maker has been a very satisfying experience. Not only did I buy one for my home but the office now has one and my boss bought one for his home. The coffeeboss blend of coffee is awesome.
Thanks for the great service, great coffee and best of all for just being you.
auf Wiedersehen, Chris (Charlotte)


I wanted to let you know that my machine is working great. I really appreciate that you took the time to repair it in such a timely manner. As I told you, this is my only machine that I use in my small business and I needed it badly.

 Again, thank you so much.

 If you ever need a recommendation, you can count on me.

 Linda, Hayesville, NC



 You properly diagnosed my dead DeLonghi ESAM 3300 espresso machine during our phone conversation.When the parts you sent to me arrived I plugged in the new front panel and I was immediately able to power up the machine! I then replaced the steam wand including the new O-ring you provided, then reassembled the machine. It now works great and has better steam power.

 Thank you! Bruce



 Cynthia and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work you did on our DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Maker. It is fantastic. We both agree the lattes even taste better than before.

 Thanks again, we appreciate you doing our work.

 Dave and Cynthia


I recently had my DeLonghi ESAM3500 serviced by you and it works better now than when I bought it, so thank you!


Hello Heinz.. 

Thanks so much for your over the phone guidance in replacing the hinge plate on our Saeco coffee maker. The parts came the next day and your install instructions were right on. We are back enjoying superior coffee. Pati was right.

 You guys are the best  Dick


We are back home in Pittsburgh and just wanted to thank you for repairing our Saeco coffee machine. It works better than new and we are enjoying it very much.
Good luck to both of you.
Thanks again, M.P.


Hey Heinz, Thanks for fixing my Italia.  Your service was professional,fast and convenient. I enjoyed meeting you

  William B. Charlotte


I hope you and your wife are well.  I periodically look in on your site and  it seems to me business is good, which makes me smile.
Warm Regards, Guy Z.


Hi Heinz, thanks for the help from the "Master" on a sunday after noon
it was great that I could call you and you where there
many thanks, it worked very well for me


I can't thank Heinz enough for talking me through a repair of our Saeco on the phone this morning.  I called really just for instructions on shipping the machine to him - but he correctly diagnosed the problem, and stayed on the phone to guide me step by step.  If you have one of these machines, you know how difficult it is to live without it, even with Coffeeboss's quick turnaround on repairs. 

 Thanks to Heinz's patience and generosity - we don't have to. You can be sure our next machine will come from the Coffeeboss!
-Harry Sh.


Heinz--Just a note of thanks for your taking the time last week to talk me through recovering function on my Saeco.  I really appreciate your assistance after store hours to bring coffee back into my life.  In the future all my coffee machine and related purchases will come to you.  Best regards,  Jerry DM


The Coffee Boss is totally committed to exemplary after-sale customer service. The company's expert advice is second to none and available at all times - 24/7.
Thank you Erika & Heinz!
Diane & Herbert K. Mount Pleasant, SC


Liebe Erika, lieber Heinz, Nochmals ein herzliches Dankeschoen fuer Eure tolle Hilfe. Die Maschine ist heute gut wieder bei uns angekommen und funktioniert hervorragend! Herb


Hi Erika und Heinz,

 I just would like to extend a thank you to both of you for your good deed!!  The o ring I needed you sent me with the part fixed my issue! It is nice to see how you treat your customers and go "above and beyond".  Most business today do not operate this way anymore . It is so refreshing to see you operate with your philosophy.  I hope your business will continue to prosper.    


Thank you so much again, and good luck to both of you with your business. Warm Regards, Eliot E.


Heinz, Thanks for the quick fix on our machine…and the cleaning. It works like a champ.

  Dave B. West River, MD 


I received my machine this morning, and it works well thus far.  Thanks so much for the quick turn around and especially for the coffee beans.  I will certainly recommend you if the occasion should arise in the future. 

 Have a great day!!!  Carole H.


Heinz and Erika,
Thank you for the terrific repair to my Delonghi Eletta Cappucino Top.  The all important nozzle for water, steam, and steamed milk was clogged.  After a professional and helpful telephone diagnosis, I quickly shipped my favorite kitchen gadget from south Florida to South Carolina for The Coffee Boss to work his magic.  I was notified it was successfully repaired and there was much rejoicing in The Rawald household.  The turn around time was quick.  They received my coffee maker on a Friday, and it was returned to me on the following Friday.  If you are reading this honest testimonial, there is zero doubt you should send them your coffee machine.  Thank you again.    
Brett & Jo   



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